About Milform Corrugated Plastic Containers

Milform’s® patent pending technology forms containers with heavy duty corrugated thermo-formed walls.

This is done without the high tooling cost and long lead times of conventional molded plastic containers.

  • Unique fluted construction provides cushioning against vibration and shock
  • Easily and cost-effectively customized, achieving a perfect fit for unconventionally shaped components or products
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional molded containers

Custom designs that reduce labor & handling costs. Milform® containers are available in:

  • Stackable designs with optional lids
  • Fully recyclable and available in recycled material
  • Heavy duty corrugated plastic wall thickness of 6mm to 10mm
Milform® Wins Institute of Packaging Professionals Design Competition

The Institute of Packaging Professionals awarded Mills Industries of Laconia NH an Ameristar Award for the Milform® process. The submission was one in a series of Milform® 6mm process bins.

These bins were developed to:

  • Replace existing corrugated paper bins with longer lasting Milform® bins.
  • Eliminate sharp edges on the container, using the Milform® process.
  • Have a fully recyclable container (i.e. no extraneous wire reinforcements).
  • Maximize use of floor space, pallets, work areas, shelf and storage space.
  • Provide a series of different sizes without expensive tooling costs but with short lead-time.
  • Provide custom features like made to spec.”hopper” fronts with sealed edge for easier picking
  • Provide prototypes for evaluation and testing.
  • Provide a container that can be used with automatic storage and retrieval systems.
  • Provide a container of user-defined color and custom imprint.
  • Provide a tote with removable label placards.

Milform® containers reduce material handling, inventory, and labor costs. Milform®containers cost effectively are customizable, even in large and unusual sizes. This economical customization maximizes part to package density while giving the best utilization of floor, shelf and truck space. The combinaion of best pack density and utilization of space will help prevent bottlenecks and increase throughput and inventory turnaround. Milform® containers are adaptable for your specific material handling needs and with automatic handling systems, vertical and horizontal carousals. Labor cost can be reduced with Milform® containers. Milform® containers can be designed to reduce handling of individual parts by reducing the time needed to:

Custom Milform® Shelf Bins Increased Space Utilization

Milform® is the competitive alternative to conventional custom reusable containers and packaging. The new patent pending Milform®technology reduces cost and lead-time to develop new containers. Milform® is cost competitive because it cuts the time needed to setup and manufacture container. Also prototypes are available for testing and evaluation.

  1. Handle parts individually for inspection and QC.
  2. Wrap and unwrap parts with individual protective packaging materials.
  3. Count and perform other inventory functions.

Milform® containers can be designed with inserts to maintain proper part presentation, visibility and lot integrity.

Milform® eliminates the need for secondary operations and materials such as sonic welding and wire reinforcements that are typical with corrugated plastic containers.

Milform® gives lightweight yet durable part protection.
Milform® containers are up to 50% lighter than conventional plastic metal or wood containers. Milform’s® corrugated fluted structure with thermal welded corners yields great stacking strength as well as enhanced protection from impacts. Milform® containers can be integrated with partitions, foam and other inserts. These add-ons will further enhance part protection by preventing part to part contact and damage to finished surfaces.

  • Automatic storage and retrieval systems
  • Tote and in process bins
  • Returnable reusable containers
  • Pallet sleeves
  • Pallet caps
  • Shelf dividers
  • Partitions and inserts
  • Dunnage trays
  • Large and unusual sizes
  • Heavy duty cases
  • Corner protectors
Optional sealed edges are available to eliminate exposed fluting with smooth radius edges

The patented Milform® process forms profile extruded co-polymer polypropylene and high-density polyethylene corrugated plastic. Milform® containers are available in a thickness of 6mm to 10mm. In the Milform® process sheets are cut, thermally scored, folded, and edge welded. The process is fully automatic and computer controlled.

Milform® does not have the design limitations of conventional plastic molding like limited draft depth or angle, minimum radius, variances in wall thickness, even in corners. Unlike conventional corrugated plastic containers, Milform® does not require reinforcing to maintain rigidity or dimensional consistency. Milform® containers are available in recycled material and are fully recyclable.