Industrial Containers & Manufacturing Boxes

During assembly and transport, Milplast® industrial containers provide the highest level of protection for valuable parts and products

At Mills Industries, we pride ourselves on producing in-plant and shipping containers that increase productivity and efficiency while keeping costs down.

Milplast® industrial containers have a proven track record of strength and durability. And with our complete in-house production capacity, they can easily be custom designed to meet the precise requirements of your manufacturing and transportation systems.

  • Unbeatable versatility in structural design super strength with minimum weight
  • More durable than cardboard, lighter weight than wood and molded plastic
  • Moisture-proof and chemical resistant
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Ideal for just-in-time and closed-loop assembly systems

Milplast® corrugated plastic packaging is an extruded fluted co-polymer polypropylene material available in thicknesses of 2mm to 10mm. Some applications include totes, trays, collapsible-returnable containers, partitions and dunnage. Milplast® is also available in ESD protective material. This material is fully recyclable and is available with recycled content.

Cleanroom and Medical Applications

Milplast® containers give you the rigorous protection you need for cleanroom and medical applications, plus all the advantages of Milplast’s® extraordinary versatility. Our award-winning structural design staff can work with you to ensure the ideal package conformation for your special cleanroom, laboratory or medical requirements.

  • Particulate-free
  • No risk of sulfur contamination
  • Moisture-proof and chemical resistant to damage

Will Returnable Work For You?

  • Are the parts you are shipping uniform enough in size and shape that your container needs will remain consistent over time
  • Will the value of parts shipped over time exceed the cost of the returnable
  • Is there management support for returnable system

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