ESD Electronics Protection

Conductive Milplast® protects sensitive electronic components and equipment from static charge and other contaminants

Mills Industries, Conductive Milplast®, a proprietary material, is specifically designed for the packaging of electronic equipment, components, assemblies, and complex boards.

Milplast® containers dissipate static charge and control static build-up, giving your product the best possible protection from electrostatic damage.

  • Conductive Milplast® is carbon loaded polypropylene yielding a surface resistivity of 104 to 105
  • Unique fluted construction provides cushioning against vibration and shock, and offers excellent protection
  • Easily and cost-effectively customized, achieving a perfect fit for unconventionally shaped components or products
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional molded containers

ESD Electronics Protective Preliminary Quote

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Minimum orders are $500.00 with a 50pc minimum qty per item 
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All orders are shipped FOB Laconia, NH – freight collect

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50 piece minimum
Aluminum Reinforcements may not be combined with wire reinforcements If Stacking Corners are selected, please note how high the boxes will be stacked