About Mills

Mills Industries is a small third generation, family-owned and operated packaging company.  We began operations in 1947 in Manchester, New Hampshire, as a packaging manufacturer.  In 1985 we moved to Laconia, New Hampshire under second generation president, Bert Mills.  He developed a fresh concept and direction for the company to work towards, as we made the transition to manufacturing plastic corrugated containers.  Our company thrived with the switch providing the designed and well-known postal totes used by the United States Postal Service.  Our creative and inventive style to manufacturing boxes gained us the distinguished reputation as ” The Innovators of Packaging”.

As the millennium turned and the market turned into a more complex and competitive setting, Michael Mills, third generation, and current president took over, and ushered in a new era, and mission.  During his tenure as vice president in the nineties, he began acting on environmental responsibility, by creating the RecycleMobile; a massive and innovative recycling bin used for large events, where recyclable waste could be disposed of properly.  The RecycleMobile sparked Mills Industries new objective, which launched us into our current period.  With sustainability becoming an increasingly urgent and important issue due to the friendly and socially conscious direction.  We understand the importance of renewable energy sources, and conversation, so in 2009, Mills Industries converted to running solely on wind power.  In 2011, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, which provided insight on the full environmental impact of our product, from the acquisition of raw materials, to the eventual disposal of the package was conducted.  The study was peer reviewed and met all ISO 14000 requirements.  Our product was tested in a variety of factors that are linked to pollution and climate change.